Talent Cultivation

Serushin has always attached great importance to the training and career development planning of employees. In particular, we will strengthen the training and cultivation of high-level cadres and comprehensively improve the quality of high-level talents. Through the development of various types of job training, we will increase the training of high-level and compound talents in a planned and step-by-step manner. On the basis of improving the ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality and health quality of employees, we should focus on cultivating the learning ability and practical ability of employees, strive to improve the innovation ability of employees, and devote ourselves to creating a learning organization.

New Employee Induction Training

Introduce the company's history, basic workflow, code of conduct, organizational structure, personnel structure and dealing with colleague relationships for each new employee who is new to the company to integrate into our team faster.

Professional and technical training

Professional and technical training for employees is aimed at the training of employees' working ability, professional level and basic quality of the post, focusing on the improvement of professional quality, post skills and potential development, etc. The purpose is to combine the enterprise objectives and work requirements with the employee's career development plan through training to improve the professional skills of employees.

backbone leadership training

The purpose of senior leadership training is to help senior leaders of the company to improve their professional skills and professional quality, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the status of the industry, and enhance the leadership of senior leaders through training.

New Employee Induction Training Professional and technical training backbone leadership training

Recruitment Position

Campus Recruitment

For outstanding students, provide apprenticeships or internships, and provide students with opportunities to understand and experience the apprenticeship or practice of Thurushin.

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Social Recruitment

For social experienced professionals, provide good career development opportunities, so as to choose a suitable career development path.

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