Chengdu Beichen Nanhu Xianglu Phase II

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Project Introduction

Beichen Nanhu Xianglu Project covers a total area of 132 mu and a total construction area of 299000 ㎡. It is divided into three phases, consisting of flat floor, jumping floor, overlapping floor, bottom business and single-family business. The flat floor area is about 106-133 square meters, with three sets of four apartments, 148 square meters of leaping floor and 145-150 square meters of overlapping floor.
Architecture and garden design, are the use of the new Asian style, with natural materials, the original tone of the main, to create an oriental mood style. The project is located in the Nanhu plate of Tianfu New District, adjacent to 6000 mu of Nanhu Park, and is committed to building a low-density residential area within the plate.