03 Bid Section of Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway

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Project Introduction

Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway (Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway), also known as Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway, or Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway for short, is an intercity railway connecting Hangzhou and Shaoxing. It is a subway system and is the first cross-city subway line in Zhejiang Province. It is in operation with Shaoxing Metro Line 1.
The Hangzhou-Shaoxing Intercity Railway, with a total length of 20.3 kilometers and 10 stations, starts at the Girl Bridge Station of Hangzhou Metro Line 5 in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City and ends at Keqiao Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City.
It is expected that in December 2020, the Hangzhou-Shaoxing intercity railway will be put into operation.