Changsha Metro Line 5 Phase 1 Bid 02

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Project Introduction

Changsha Metro Line 5 is a line under construction in Changsha Rail Transit. The first phase of the line (Shuidu River Station to Maozhutang Station) started on November 29, 2015 and was put into trial operation on December 30, 2019. It is expected to be put into operation in July 2020, and the logo color is yellow.
Changsha Metro Line 5 is the north-south backbone line of Changsha Metro's "meter"-shaped structure and double "ten"-shaped expansion network. It passes through Changsha County, Kaifu District, Furong District, Yuhua District and Tianxin District of Changsha City from north to south in turn. The line connects Changsha County Xianglong Plate, Yuehu Golden Eagle Plate, Malanshan Video Wenchuang Industrial Park, Mawangdui Business Circle, Wanjiali Business Circle, Gaoqiao Market, Gaoqiao Market and other important urban function centers, it is conducive to strengthening the connection between Xingma Sub-center, Huangli Group and the central area of the city, guiding the expansion of the city from north to south, and is the backbone line of the external radiation of the main urban area.
The first phase of Changsha Metro Line 5 has a total length of 22.5 kilometers, with a total of 18 stations, all of which are underground stations, including 3 transfer stations and 4 characteristic stations, namely Guitang Station, Wanjiali Square Station, Mawangdui Station and Malanshan Station; the train adopts 6-section B- type trains.