Xi'an Metro Line 1 Phase II

  • 西安地铁1号线.png

Project Introduction

The second phase of Xi'an Metro Line 1 started construction on November 26, 2015 and was completed and opened to traffic for trial operation in 2019. From the east to the guard village, the west to the forest park. With a total length of 6.22 kilometers, a new express subway passage will be added from Xi'an to Xianyang after completion. From east to west, there are 4 stations: Fengdong Free Trade Zone Station, Shanghai Forest Road Station, North Huai Station and Forest Park Station.
At the beginning of the construction of Xi'an Metro Line 1, citizens and scholars requested to combine the subway station with the museum, but it was not implemented considering the need to evacuate the crowd; therefore, the station design fully considered the atmosphere of the cultural city. Factors, drawing on the artistic atmosphere of the Moscow subway and the modern technology of rail transit in Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and other big cities, each station is carefully built by the designer, generous and concise, full of artistic temperament.