R & D Specialist




Work Experience:


Job Description

1. Bachelor degree or above
2, skilled use of two-dimensional, three-dimensional software
3. Mechanical, mechanical and electrical integration and other professional priority
4. Accept outstanding fresh graduates

Work Benefits:
1. Provide free accommodation (tables and chairs, wardrobe, shower, air conditioning, washing machine, etc.)
2. Provide free working meals (canteen 1 big meat, 1 small meat, 1 vegetarian dish, 1 fruit/yogurt, summer watermelon, mung bean soup, cold drinks, etc.)
3. Five insurances and accident insurance shall be paid upon entry
4, annual group building, tourism, annual meeting, friendship, sports activities
5, legal holidays, holiday gifts, extra-long Spring Festival holidays, paid annual leave, high temperature fees, seniority wages, etc.
6. Supporting facilities: lounge, beverage and snack vending machine, fitness equipment, billiards, karaoke, etc.
7. Working hours: 8:00-17:30

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