Fire door manufacturers introduce the role of fire doors in fire fighting

We often see on the ground in some large or in some places that no people are allowed to stand under the fire facilities or there are shelves. Then, the most important use of the assembly of fire doors is that if a fire occurs in a certain location, then only this piece of rolling shutter door can be put down to block the extension of the fire.
Usually, the fire doors in such large buildings have an automatic central control system. Once a fire occurs, a series of behaviors may be implemented automatically, and the fire doors will automatically lower and separate the fire.
The following is the employment process of the automatic control system of the fire door. When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof initially receives the banner of smoke and gives an alarm to the control system of the center. After identification, the control system of the fire center turns on the power supply of the fire door in the fire alarm location area, so that the fire shutter in the fire area lands to the ground at the necessary rate.
When passing under the roller blind to a position approximately 1.5 meters above the ground, stop moving to facilitate the dispersal and evacuation of the staff present. After the related staff have retreated, the fire doors will continue to pass until they are closed. The rate of fire doors and the duration of stay can be reconciled by the number of employees.
It is not only this kind of places that are equipped with fire doors. In some stairwells and corridors, there will be such fire prevention actions. As fires are rarely generated and some fire prevention settings are well used, it is necessary for dedicated employees to carry out regular inspections.

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Solution participated in the 140th anniversary celebration series of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

Under the guidance of the Hospital Architecture and Equipment Branch of the China Medical Equipment Association and the Hospital Architecture and Planning Management Professional Committee of the Jiangsu Hospital Association, and co-organized by the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University and Zhuyitai, the "140th Anniversary Celebration Series of the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University and the Intelligent One-Stop Emergency Center Construction Seminar" will be held in Suzhou, Jiangsu from November 9 to 10, 2023. The conference will focus on the planning and medical process design of emergency medical care, BIM+full-process project management, 5G+AI+IoT integrated applications, and hospital intelligent operating department system construction and other innovative aspects, presenting a stage for academic exchanges and collisions of ideas for colleagues.

Warmly congratulate the company on becoming a qualified supplier in China's nuclear energy industry.

According to the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) nuclear energy industry qualified supplier evaluation standards and procedures, Jiangsu Huicong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. and other 107 suppliers passed the Association's nuclear energy industry qualified supplier evaluation. After examination and approval by the Supplier Evaluation Committee of the Association, the List of the 19th Batch of Qualified Suppliers in the Nuclear Energy Industry is hereby issued.

Steel hospital ward door how to choose?

Hospital wards are places with high requirements for cleanliness. Rectangular and square observation windows have 4 90-degree angles, which are easy to form clean dead corners, while circular observation windows have no clean dead corners and are easier to clean.

Requirements for fire doors

Wooden fire door is made of flame retardant wood or flame retardant wood products as door frame, door frame, door panel, if the door leaf is filled with material, it is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire insulation material to the human body, and it is equipped with fire hardware fittings.

How to distinguish steel doors

First of all, when purchasing anti-theft safety doors, it is necessary to certify the dealer's business qualifications to see whether the operator holds the "anti-theft safety door certification" issued by the technical defense management department of the Public Security Bureau ". Secondly, pay attention to careful inspection, qualified anti-theft door frame steel plate thickness should be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body is generally more than 20mm, the weight of the door is generally more than 40kg. Third, when purchasing anti-theft security doors, pay attention to check whether the national certification standard "FAM" is printed on the anti-theft door, and you can also ask the dealer to provide the national anti-theft security door inspection report of the brand anti-theft door. If not national inspection

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