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Wood grain wall panel

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Metal wall panel

Product characteristics• Not easy to fade, mildew, strong weather resistance;• Artistic expression can be performed on the surface, and the material properties are not changed;• Large format, light weight, small load on the building, easy to install;Thermal insulation, energy saving, green environmental protection, durable;• Sound noise reduction, quiet and comfortable;• Scratch-resistant, easy to clean, strong abrasion resistance.Application• Shopping malls, hotels, airports, office buildings, medical

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Technical parameters

1. Surface material: electrostatically coated hot-dip galvanized steel plate (thickness 0.6mm ~ 1.0mm, double-sided galvanized amount ≥ 120g) conforms to GB/T2518 standard. Have good oxidation resistance, tensile strength and other properties
2, surface coating: the use of automatic high voltage electrostatic spraying technology, uniform coating, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other outstanding performance
3. Modulus specification: the wall surface shall be arranged according to the standard modulus. Special specifications such as wall corners, door openings and window covers shall be specially processed according to the on-site dimensions. The height dimension can be adjusted according to the elevation of each part;
4. Wall connection: U-shaped pressing strip and H-shaped clamp are used to fix on the steel keel system, which is convenient to install and can still maintain the flatness of the wall surface under large-scale use.
5. Fire resistance grade: A1


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