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S-P40S stainless steel door

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Multifunctional steel door

Product characteristics• The material is high-quality stainless steel plate, and the surface treatment can be brushed, satin, mirror, titanium plating, etc.• The door frame adopts integrated cold bending forming, unique airtight structure, to meet the needs of different environments.The edge of the door leaf is single-seam and tightly spliced, and the panel is of bite structure, without welding and screws.• With airtight, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functionsCan be installed in a variety of types of windows, hundreds of pages. Meet the needs of different location functions. Hardware characteristics• Supporting European standard hardware, simple and durable.• Configurable management key system.• Configurable access control system.• Automatic door opening system can be configured. Application• Office door, ward door, toilet door, clean room, laboratory, operating room

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Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 1.2mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 0.8mm
Door leaf thickness 40mm
Frame thickness 95mm ≤ T≤ 550mm
Thermal insulation performance K=2.3w/(㎡·k)
Sound insulation performance RW=35dB
Air tightness performance GB/T 20909-20017 Class 8
Repeated opening and closing performance 500000 times
Impact resistance GB/T 20909-20017 Class 6
Fill Material Honeycomb paper core, aluminum honeycomb, polyurethane
Single door 1250 × 2500
DOOR DOOR DOOR 2500 × 2500
Windows Square, round
louver Aluminum alloy, nylon


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