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S-TF3-350 super fire shutter

Key words: steel door


Rolling shutter class

Product characteristics• Has 3 hours fire integrity and fire insulation• Curtain surface using inorganic composite materials, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, durable.• With smoke blocking function, smooth opening and closing, low noise, good appearance decoration performance, easy installation and construction.• Eliminate the water mist protection device for the project side to save a lot of costThe use of materials is healthy and environmentally friendly, green and low consumption. Application• Shopping malls, garages, industrial plants, stations, airports

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Fire resistance TF3(3 hours)
Power Requirements 380V
Control function Automatic, manual, electric
Temperature controlled release 73±5 ℃ Self-weight closed
Other functions Two steps down, escape
Opening size 9000X6000
Guide rail 1.5mm galvanized steel (optional stainless steel)
Curtain Thickness 18mm
Hoisting device Fireproof motor
Control System Linkage control box


Product Structure Diagram

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