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S-32FC steel insulated fireproof window

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Fireproof glass

Product characteristics• Meet A1.50 (Class A) fire protection requirements, with fixed and flat structure.• The frame is made of high-quality galvanized steel, CNC bending, and the necessary position of steel reinforcement.• The window sash adopts STS steel profile, which is beautiful and practical.• Fireproof glass adopts new technology, which can reduce ultraviolet radiation, is not easy to be atomized, not easy to change color, and not easy to bubble.• Maximum single glass size 1800 x 1500 Hardware characteristics• Configuration temperature control device, 73 ℃ automatically shut down. Application• Fire compartment and viewing window

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Thickness of frame steel plate 1.2mm
Thickness of fan steel plate 1.2mm
Glass 32mm composite insulation fireproof glass
Fire resistance A1.50 (Class A)
Fixed 1800 × 3000
open type 1800 × 2000


Product Structure Diagram


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