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T-T65FB steel profile fireproof glass system

Key words: steel door


Fireproof glass

Product characteristics• Multifunctional, modular profile system• System CE certified according to EN 14351-1• Inside and outside door opening system• Configurable multi-point, auto-locking locks• Configurable passive fan automatic locking hardware• Escape function (active fan and passive fan full escape function)• Threshold-free design, handicap-accessible design, DIN 18040 compliant

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Thermal insulation performance Uf-值 > 1.2 W(m2·K)
Sound insulation performance RW ≤ 48 dB
Fire rating EI30 EI60
Anti-theft level RC2 / RC3
Bulletproof rating FB4
Explosion-proof grade EPR 1


Product Structure Diagram


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