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T-P55FB large glass fire door

Key words: steel door


Fireproof glass

Product characteristics• The door leaf can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, with frame structure, strong and beautiful.• The door frame is made of high quality galvanized steel or stainless steel, CNC bending, sealed structure, bolted frame type.• Fireproof glass adopts new technology, which can reduce ultraviolet radiation, is not easy to be atomized, not easy to change color, and not easy to bubble. Hardware characteristics• Supporting European standard hardware, simple and durable.• Configurable management key system.• Configurable access control system.• Automatic door opening system can be configured.Application• Elevator halls, passageways, entrances and exits

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 1.2mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 0.8mm
Door leaf thickness 55mm
Glass 25mm composite insulation fireproof glass
Fire resistance A1.00 (Class B)
Single door 1100 × 2400
DOOR DOOR DOOR 2100 × 2400


Product Structure Diagram


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