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T-P70FK steel anti-wind pressure heat insulation fireproof door

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Special fire door

Product characteristics• The door frame adopts 2.0mm galvanized steel plate, which has high strength and meets the demand of wind pressure.• The door leaf adopts unique armored structure, with steel insulated fire door as the door core. The panel is fixed with female screws, which is firm and beautiful.• The door structure design introduces seismic calculation and analysis to meet the seismic requirements of the building. Hardware characteristics• Supporting heavy-duty door shaft system to meet the dual needs of load-bearing and wind pressure.• Multi-point escape device, meet the escape function, anti-wind pressure performance, fire performance.• Heavy duty door closer, durable, beautiful appearance.• Configurable intelligent monitoring system. Application• Subway section contact channel

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 2.0mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 1.5mm
Door leaf thickness 70mm
Fire resistance A1.50 (Class A)
Sound insulation performance RW=42dB
Wind pressure resistance GB 7106 Class 9
airtight performance GB 7106 Class 7
watertight performance GB 7106 Class 3
heat transfer coefficient K ≤2.0W/(㎡.k)
Fill Material Fire door core plate (magnesium oxide)
Single door 1000 × 2100


Product Structure Diagram


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