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T-P70F oversized steel insulated fire door (4600 × 5000)

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Special fire door

Product characteristics• The door frame adopts section steel as the stress pillar, and the surface is covered with 2.0mm galvanized steel sheet. The load is large and firmly fixed to the main body of the building.• The door leaf adopts a unique armored structure with square tube as the skeleton. Good rigidity and easy surface decoration.• The door structure design introduces seismic calculation and analysis to meet the seismic requirements of the building. Hardware characteristics• Supporting heavy-duty door shaft system to meet the requirements of large specifications.• Configurable management key system.• Configurable access control system.• Automatic door opening system can be configured.• Fire door monitoring system can be configured. Application• Convention and Exhibition Center, Convention Center, Gymnasium, Industrial Plant, Commercial Plaza

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Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 2.0mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 1.0mm
Door leaf thickness 70mm
Fire resistance A1.50 (Class A)
Fill Material Fire door core plate (magnesium oxide)
DOOR DOOR DOOR 4600 × 5000


Product Structure Diagram


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