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T-P50FS stainless steel heat insulation fireproof door

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Fire door

Product characteristics• Material for high quality stainless steel plate, surface treatment optional drawing, satin, mirror, titanium, etc.• The door frame adopts one-piece molding structure, the main frame type, easy to install.• The door leaf structure adopts the panel mutual bite structure, and there is no welding spot on the surface.• The door frame is inlaid with fire expansion seals, which can effectively prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Hardware characteristics• Supporting European standard hardware, simple and durable.• Configurable management key system.• Configurable access control system.• Automatic door opening system can be configured.• Fire door monitoring system can be configured. ApplicationMachine room, equipment room, power distribution room, tube well, passage, front room

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Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 1.2mm stainless steel plate 1.2mm galvanized steel plate
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 0.8mm
Door leaf thickness 50mm
Door frame thickness 100mm
Fire resistance A1.50 (Class A)
Fill Material Fire door core plate (magnesium oxide)
Single door 1100 × 2400
DOOR DOOR DOOR 2100 × 2400
Seal Fireproof expansion strip
Windows 200 × 900


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