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S-ES50 steel electric sliding door

Key words: steel door


Multifunctional steel door

Product characteristics• Material optional stainless steel, galvanized steel spraying treatment.• The use of a unique airtight structure to meet high standards of airtight requirements.• The motor adopts international first-line brand, supporting mature control system.• With airtight, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functions, anti-pollution, antibacterial, green environmental protection.The door leaf is equipped with fireproof board, which can meet a certain fire resistance time. Hardware characteristics• Optional non-contact switch, toggle switch, foot switch, program control.• Selectable one-way or two-way sliding doors• High security and easy to operate, suitable for almost any entrance. ApplicationHospital operating room, ICU, clean room, laboratory, etc.

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 1.5mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 0.8mm
Door leaf thickness 50mm
Frame thickness 95mm ≤ T≤ 550mm
Fill Material Honeycomb paper core, aluminum honeycomb
Single door 1300 × 2500
Windows Square, round


Product Structure Diagram

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