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S-S40 steel sliding door

Key words: steel door


Multifunctional steel door

Product characteristics• The main material is cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel sheet with polyester coating or wood grain finish.• Equipped with automatic door-closing driving device, easy to open and powerful to close.• Irrelevant door gap, superior airtight performance.• With airtight, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functions, anti-pollution, antibacterial, green environmental protection.Can be installed in a variety of types of windows, hundreds of pages. Meet the needs of different location functions. Hardware characteristics• Supporting.• Configurable management key system. Application• Office door, ward door, toilet door, general interior door

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Door Type Parameters


Door cover steel plate thickness 1.5mm
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 0.8mm
Door leaf thickness 40mm
Door cover thickness 95mm ≤ T≤ 550mm
Fill Material Honeycomb paper core, aluminum honeycomb,
Single door 1250 × 2500
Windows Square, round
louver Aluminum alloy, nylon


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