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S-FBQ non-load-bearing fireproof glass partition

Key words: steel door


Fireproof glass

Product characteristics• Composed of fire-resistant glass, mosaic frame and fire-resistant sealing material to meet fire-resistant stability, integrity and thermal insulation requirements.Good fire resistance, 60min fire detection, meet the requirements of fire integrity and heat insulation• Lightweight structure, linear design, light transmission; high quality surface texture, bright style;• Fireproof glass adopts new technology, which can reduce ultraviolet radiation, is not easy to be atomized, not easy to change color, and not easy to bubble.• Processing, installation, simple and quick Main material• Frame: steel, stainless steel, steel profile optional• Glass: 25mm/35mm composite insulation fireproof glass Application• Bank, mall atrium, pedestrian street, elevator hall, fire zone

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters


Thickness of frame steel plate 1.2mm/steel profile
Overall frame thickness 120mm
Glass 25mm/35mm composite insulation fireproof glass
Fire resistance A1.00 (Class B)
Dimensions Height 4300mm
Glass size 1600 × 4200


Product Structure Diagram


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