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T-P70FM steel wood composite thermal insulation fireproof door

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Fire door

Product characteristics• The main material is cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.• The door frame adopts an integrated and unique door frame airtight structure with double-layer sealing to meet certain airtight requirements.• The door leaf panel is a wood veneer, and the interior is a steel fire door as the door core.• With fire prevention, anti-theft, airtight, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functions. Hardware characteristics• Supporting mechatronics intelligent lock, simple and durable.• Configurable management key system.• Configurable access control system.• Automatic door opening system can be configured. Application• Villa, apartment entrance door

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Door Type Parameters


Door frame steel plate thickness 1.5mm galvanized steel plate 2.0mm sub-frame
Thickness of door leaf steel plate 1.0mm
Thickness of veneer 10mm
Door leaf thickness 70mm
Frame thickness 150mm
Fire resistance A1.50 (Class A)
Fill Material Fire door core plate (magnesium oxide)
Single door 1100 x2400
DOOR DOOR DOOR 1800 脳 2400


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