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S-DSJL industrial sliding door

Key words: steel door


Rolling shutter class

Product characteristicsHeat preservation and energy saving, the door panel is made of 0.5mm thick color coated steel plate, filled with high-density polyurethane foam material (foam density 48kg 2kg /m)• High safety performance, with multiple safety features such as torsion spring anti-fracture device, built-in wire rope, wire rope anti-fracture device, bottom edge protection, etc.• Good sealing performance, between the door panels, side, bottom and top sealing strips effectively prevent the leakage of air and rain water• Durable and easy to maintain• Flexible and diverse, up to 11 kinds of lifting methods, adapt to different occasions. Application • Warehouse, logistics park, industrial plant

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Product Description

Door Type Parameters

Thermal conductivity 0.38W/mC
Sound insulation 24dB (DIN52210)
wind resistance 650/m2 (national standard 11 wind)
Air tightness 2.0 m3/m2/h (under 50Pa)
Water tightness 30Pa
Fire resistance B2(DIN4102)
Door panel thickness 40mm
Thickness of color steel plate 0.4mm
Coating thickness 25um
foaming density 48kg 2kg/m3
Hardware and track 2.5mm galvanized track and bracket, wear-resistant nylon roller)
perspective small window Polycarbonate material (optional)


Product Structure Diagram

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