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Nanjing Tianyinshan Hospital

Key words: steel door


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Nanjing Tianyinshan Hospital

It was included in the major project investment plan of Jiangsu Province in 2019 and 2020 and started construction. In early 2022, it was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Government to obtain the qualification of a Class III tumor hospital medical institution. In 2023, it was again listed as a major social and economic project in Nanjing. The medical project will be completed and opened for trial operation before the end of 2023. The hospital is designed and constructed in accordance with the standards of national medical centers and regional medical centers. After completion, it will have 1,000 beds, beautiful environment, advanced facilities, complete disciplines, and strong technical strength. It will be based in Nanjing, radiate the surrounding areas, and face the whole country, becoming a Class III Class A tumor specialty hospital integrating clinical diagnosis and treatment, medical education and scientific and technological innovation.

Solution provided a medical door system solution for Nanjing Tianyinshan Hospital, covering a variety of steel multifunctional door products such as treatment room doors, office doors, ward doors, and bathroom doors.

● Multifunctional steel doors

● Steel heat-insulating and fire-proof doors

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