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Nanjing Jinling Middle School Jiangxinzhou Campus

Key words: steel door



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Product Description

The Jiangxinzhou Campus of Jinling Middle School in Nanjing is located in the southern part of Nanjing Ecological Science and Technology Island (Jiangxinzhou). The campus covers an area of about 140 acres, with a total construction area of 97000 square meters and a designed capacity of 48 classes. It is equipped with more than 560 faculty and student dormitories, and three restaurants can accommodate nearly 2000 people at the same time. The campus has various high standard cultural, sports, and subject experimental venues, including the highest standard high school auditorium in Jiangsu Province, the first-class high school music hall in Jiangsu Province, the largest high school music and sports comprehensive building in Jiangsu Province, 74 high standard subject laboratories, and a 3000 square meter library.



Solution has customized various steel door opening system solutions for the Jiangxinzhou campus of Jinling Middle School in Nanjing, including public/administrative areas, teaching areas, and living areas.


● Multi functional steel doors

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